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 About Us



 Our History

Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) was originally established in 1957 as Tanganyika Commonwealth Games Association (TCGA). It was constituted under this name in order to participate at the 1962 Australia Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia which Tanzania (by then Tanganyika) participated for the first time as an independent sovereign state. Tanganyika became independent in December 9th 1961.

The name TCGA changed to Tanganyika Olympic Committee in 1963 in order to qualify and participate at the 1964 Olympic Games which were held in Tokyo, Japan.

Following the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964 to form Tanzania the name of the Committee changed again to the present format of Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) in 1967.

In 1968 Tanzania participated in the Mexico Olympic Games. Tanzania had to apply for membership of the IOC in order to take part at the Mexico City Olympic Games. TOC was formally registered by the National Sport Council (NSC) on the 8th December, 1989 under the NSC Certificate No. 4802


The mission of the TOC is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in Tanzania in accordance with the Olympic Charter.  In pursuance of this mission, the TOC may cooperate with governmental or non-governmental bodies.  It may however not associate itself with any activity, which would be in contradiction with the Olympic Charter.


Inspire and Develop our Nation through Sports achievements on Olympic and international arenas while, actively embrace the values of Olympism as the way of life. Contribute to social, economic and environmental development through sports in Tanzania and the world at large. 


TOC Executive Members and Staffs.


    Gulam Abdulla Rashid


  • Vice President

    Henry Benny Tandau

    Vice President 


    Filbert bayi sanka

    Secretary General

  • Ass. Secretary General

    Sulemain Mahamoud Jabir

    Ass. Secretary General

  • Treasurer

    Charles Edward Nyange


  • Assistant Treasurer

    Juma Khamis Zaidy.

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Executive Committee Member

    Suleiman Ame Khamis

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Mwera Samwel Chegere

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Nassra Juma Mohammed

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Zakhia Mohamed

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Sheha Mohamed Ali

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Ramadhan Zimbo Omar

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Noorelain Mohammed Shariff

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Mussa Abdul-Rabi Fadhil

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Muharam Salum Mchume

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Donath Anthony Massawe

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Amina Ahmed Lyamaiga

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Makame Ali  Machano

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Committee Member

    Irene Jackson Mwasanga

    Executive Committee Member

  • Executive Commitee Member

    Fabiano Joseph Naasi

    Executive Committee Member

  • Personal Secretary - I

    Neema Iddi Mwalove

    Personal Secretary - I

  • Personal Secretary - II

    Neema John Mchani

    Personal Secretary - II

  • Messenger

    Mwinshehe Hamidu Masiku






All African Games

The first All-Africa Games were played from July 18, 1965, to July 25, 1965, in BrazzavilleCongo.

The first games to open to the entire African continent occurred a full forty years after they were first intended. Pierre de Coubertin, had proposed the first African Games be held in AlgiersAlgeria in 1925. The games were never organized. Four years later, AlexandriaEgypt had almost completed preparations for the African Games of 1929 when the colonial powers stepped in to cancel the games, weeks before they were to begin. The colonizers felt the games might serve to unite Africa, and help them break free from their colonial status. The idea of a continental game languished for a time until regional games in West Africa the early sixties paved the way for the first continental games to be held in July 1965.



Common Wealth Games   

The 2018 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXI Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Gold Coast 2018, is an international multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth that will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia between 4 and 15 April 2018.  

Tanzania is one of the members of Commonwealth countries, therefore it will also participate in Gold Coast 2018 Games the in different sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Table Tennis and Boxing. 



Olympic Games

Tanzania first participated at the Olympic Games in 1964 and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games since then, except for the boycotted 1976 Games. The nation has never participated in the Winter Olympic Games.

Tanzanian athletes have won a total of two medals, both in athletics.

The National Olympic Committee for Tanzania was created in 1968 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee that same year.




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Gold Coast Team Send-off

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    Timu ya Tanzania itakayoshiriki Michezo ya 21 ya Jumuiya ya Madola ikiwa katika picha ya pamoja kwenye Kiwanja cha Ndege cha Julius Nyerere (JNIA) kabla ya kwenda Gold Coast, Australia kushiriki michezo hiyo itakayoanza Aprili 4 hadi 15, 2018.
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 Contact Us


P.O.BOX: 2182



TELEPHONE: +255 22 2760035

FAX: +255 22 2760033

Email: noctanzania@gmail.com

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